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PT Rumantir Solusi Teknologi Informasi (RSTI) is an Information Technology Service company committed to providing the highest applicable technology to bring the best solution and value to its clients and customers. We have been focusing our solutions in Microsoft and Linux technology platform.

The solution and value that RSTI offers are not only to solve problems, but also to deliver improvements and development towards efficiency and productivity.

RSTI’s different solution brings answers of how to do more works by using less time and money, and takes the advantage of technology as main benefit. The word “different solution” means utilizing information technology not only for automating mechanical and repetitive jobs, but also for creating new opportunities and sharpening competitiveness.

Founded in June 1996, RSTI has served clients across sectors e.g. manufacturing, consulting, healthcare, property, education, trading, and government. In parallel with providing information technology solution services, starting on late 2001 RSTI also develops several products in healthcare management, finance and building security/access control system.

The aspects characterized our software products are advanced technology, well thought user interface to make it easy to use, consistent programming, data driven application, multi-user application, historical data and audit trail, multiple language capable, database redirection and security system.

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